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Providing cars for single mothers and needy families.



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Life Isn't Always Easy

Life doesn't always turn out the way we have planned or hoped, and for some of us, providing even the basic needs for ourselves and our families falls out of reach. Many of us are single mothers and struggling families in need of desperate help.

Transportation is Key

Without transportation, finding work and caring for the many needs and challenges of raising children becomes a burden too heavy for many to handle. Unfortunately, finding proper transportation can be one of the toughest things for single mothers and impoverished families to find.

There is Help

At the Cars That Care Foundation, we coordinate donations of un-needed vehicles and other recources to provide transportation for needy families. If you know someone we might be able to help please click here. If you would like to donate an automobile or some other resource please click here: Donate.

Everyone deserves the chance to achieve independnce and the ability to provide for their families. We are grateful for any and all help that aids us in assisting those we can.
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